Wednesday, December 24, 2008

~Champion League..

Chelsea v Juventus

Villarreal v Panathinaikos

Sporting Lisbon v Bayern Munich

Atletico Madrid v FC Porto

Lyon v Barcelona

Real Madrid v Liverpool

Arsenal v Roma

Inter Milan v Manchester United

the last 16 teams, will compete to be the Champion UEFA League.. the first knock out games will be on 24 feb.. 3 matches that caught my attention, in red color.. chelsea and juventus.. can't wait to see terry, deco, lampard, del piero, trezeguet, buffon (rumors, buffon will tranfers to Man. City.. btul ka?? huhu.. ) play in da same field.. huhu.. mesti best... Chelsea, u better play well, bersungguh2 sket k.. dont play just like u played with Everton in da last match... almost lost da game.. luckily, the Everton's goal was not counted.. kalu x, dah x bley nk kejar Liverpool dah..

Liverpool vs Real Madrid.. huhu.. ade Kuyt, ade Torres, ade Gerrard, ade Arjen Robben, ade Nisteroy.. huhu.. best2.. can't wait for this match also.. then, Milan vs Man U.. Alex Ferguson will face his former rival in EPL, Mourinho.. now, Milan is the top team in Italian Serie A, and for sure, they want for a win in this match.. so, ManU, watch out for da come back of this Internazionale Milano team.. hehe...

And for sure, right now, can't predict which team gonna win this year Champion League title, coz all the teams which are qualified for this year, all are very good in all the aspects.. tactical, strategy, good players, good managers... so, who gonna win?? we'll see.. (hopefully, Chelsea gonna win this title this year.. hehe... )

before i stop here, here a vc, which i got it from the youtube... somthing special, (or funny i think.. ) and i laughed everytime i'll played the vc.. hehe.. so, enjoy.... (sorry ya Christiano Ronaldo's fan..... :-p )


I.n.t.a.n said...

I'm not a fan of ronaldo tho he's a good looking and talented creature..don't deny ok..
maybe that one was just his bad day..haha

man u will be meeting beckham. what a waste to miss this hot daddy;) but still man u dihati ok:D

feeq said...

so sad la what happen to ronaldo that day.. maybe, he must learn more the skills, with me..wakakaka...

haha.. not only beckham gonna happy be in italy, but his wife also..... haha.. ya la, italy.. shoping, shoping and shoping maa... haha...

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